Destination Event Planner In Italy and France

It’s been said that I am the “Anti-Wedding Planner.”

Not that it is a bad thing, its just my style of planning and what I believe a wedding or event should be- for me it is actually an enormous compliment. Weddings and events should be inspiring and speak to (and about) the person(s) it honors while being unconcerned by preexisting postulations (i.e the garter toss or veil vs. no veil). For me, planning an event is not about existing traditions, or what “needs” to-be, it is about making new traditions and it being what you “want” it to be-“anti” planner for opposing these relic ideas. I like my own drum beat when marching, and I inspire my clients to do the same.

When choosing a Destination Event Planner in Italy and France (or anywhere) look for the following: 


You have to get a long with your planner and vibe with their personality. This is a long (and sometimes stressful) process- work with someone who knows how to get you out of your funk and put a smile on your face. This person is going to be a part of your life for a hot minute so make sure that getting on a video conference is going to be something you look forward to and not something you dread- 

i. Will they be able to make you smile while talking about serious matters such as budget? 

ii. Able to help you cope with potentially dramatic family members?

ii. Be a problem solver instead of only a “reporter?” 

iv. Who is going to snap you out of being the “Zilla,” and keep your Louboutin’s on the ground? 

These are all things to think about when considering not only the previous work the planner has done, but also how their vibration will influence you.


Your planner is the maestro of your event- you MUST be obsessed with their portfolio. A frighteningly common error people make when choosing a planner is considering only things like “what do their spreadsheets look like?” Your event is not an Excel document, it is a real life, and live experience for you and your nearest and dearest- make sure the person who is responsible for that vision suits yours properly. 


What sets your planner apart and ensures your event wont be an assembly line that mirrors all the rest? Ralph-Waldo-Emerson once said:

            “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” 

Ensure the planner you hire has flare for doing things differently and who can “create” for you instead of following some rule book that predates the T-Rex. Creativity, personality, and passion should not be overlooked.  


What are people saying?? In the words of Bonnie Raitt, hopefully the planner  gave “them’ something to talk about.” Ask the planner to supply plenty of references, reach out personally, and listen to their own experiences. Will it align with what you want yours to be? Some thoughts here from our past clients.

As an Event Planner it is my job to ensure not only every “t” crossed and “i” dotted but to help decipher exactly what will bring your dreams to fruition. When choosing a Destination Event Planner in Italy or France (or anywhere) consider the above.

Below is a short video created by the illustrious Zen Film Works that shares a glimpse of our Flare, Style, and Vibe for planning and creating your magic moments in destinations such as Villa Balbiano, Villa Astor, Royal Mansour Marrakech, Hotel De Crillon Paris and more!

Ready to render a dream like vacation, event, or wedding? Send us an email to depart together to a destination event in Italy, France or anywhere else your desires take you.  

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