Say Yes to the Dress

As a part of my new experience in the blogging realm, the team and I decided that it would be important to show a little more of “me.” In an effort to do so, I am opening up about some REALLY exciting news and sharing the thoughts currently racing through my head… Here we gooooo!

I am fairly certain that any creative will agree when I say that sharing your vision and creation with others is no easy task - it is a myriad of emotions. Vulnerability, suspense, excitement, fear and doubt surface while my heart beats out of my chest and I shake with adrenaline. Each time I open the doors to unveil our creations in their real life form, it is a gorgeous challenge. In just a few days, those “doors” are opening to an enormous audience around the States on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress… did someone say knot-in-stomach??

As February 3rd approaches, my nerves are not about a lack of confidence for my craft, but more about the love and appreciation I have for our amazing clients. Putting their day into my hands and trusting that I can turn their dreams into reality is still so surreal. And it’s an honor that is indescribable. 

As we take this next step, I wanted to put it out there that I am sincerely honored that the team and I have come this far, that I can share this journey with you and that you are actually watching! 

While awaiting Saturday’s airing, here is a sneak peek of our featured elopement by Claire Morris Photography 

Check out TV Guide so you know when to tune in!

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